• 06-02-2006
    Fells Nearly Wrecked My Marriage!
    Yup, totally exaggerating in the post title, but that's what the media has taught me to do!

    (thread x-posted at Passion board, but this post is totally re-written for the locals!)

    Had my first biking experience at the Fells yesterday afternoon. I had previously hiked there, and had moved only a couple miles from the Fells last August. Finally, with new mtbs, it was time to get out on the trails of our local jaunt.

    I was returning to the sport after a five year hiatus. Prior to that, I wrote off-road exclusively, and pretty well. Certainly no racer. My wife was new to the sport. We just bought her a new bike (along with my own) and taken them on our honeymoon. When we got back from the honeymoon, same day we headed out to Great Brook Farm for some more riding. Two days and she was hooked, awesome! The eight years we were together, and it only took two rides? Damn, should have started sooner... these first 4 days of marriage were heaven!

    Then came day 5. Her first day back to work. She works in the public schools, and thus we had to take only a couple days for our honeymoon (in lovely Maine) because she can't take any amount of time off that isn't a school vacation.

    We arranged so that when she got home, I'd strap the bikes to the car, she'd change, and we'd be off to the Fells. The prior day we had to stop every 3 minutes at Great Brook to look at the map, since there were so many intersections. But they were all numbered, thankfully. Today's plan was to only use one trail, the Designated Mountain Bike Loop... and thus we wouldn't need any maps, nor stopping! It would be easy...

    That's where we began our journey down... into disaster...

    The story is much too long to post in the forum, but I have it up on my blog


    Have a look, around each corner lies a new plot twist... would the marriage make it out of the park alive? :eek:

    And, since I'm here, damn, I had no idea the MTB loop was so damn technical. Wish I had known that before I had gone. Not at all what I expected from a small, suburban park! Read the blog post for more, and of course, be sure to reply to the thread and call me a sissy for thinking it is hard, a dope for not having 5+inches of travel front and rear, and an asshat for dragging my wife along... because, really, it wouldn't be a forum without flames...:madmax: And of course, animated smilies...
  • 06-02-2006
    That really sucks. I would hate to be either of you. I've had that happen a few times but never that bad. Next time, be prepaired and bring a map. BTW, what bikes did you have? You made a lot of comments about that sort 'o thing.
  • 06-02-2006

    BTW, what bikes did you have?
    I have an Cannondale F600, she had a Gary Fisher Marlin (both hartails).
  • 06-16-2006
    Hey I know where you can get a map.

    But whats this about 5" of travel? Are you sure you didn't get lost on one of the other trails? The MTB loop is almost all fire road, and easily doable by even a moderately skilled cyclist with no rear suspension and only an inch or two in the front. Like all old timers, I started riding the Fells way back in the day with no suspension at all. From the way you describe the trail, it definitely sounds like you were on the wrong trail and didn't know it, you think?
  • 06-17-2006

    Hey I know where you can get a map. But whats this about 5" of travel? Are you sure you didn't get lost on one of the other trails?
    Funny you should mention that, since after revisiting your site and reading the write up as essentially "easy" I think I made some wrong turns,hitting the tough stuff while missing large chunks of fire road, and just happened to keep ending up at intersections that had the MTBLoop blaze. There's just so many unmarked intersections! We plan on swingin by JRA and grabbing a map, btw, before the next trip...
  • 06-19-2006
    Nordeaster,there are some people who claim that marriage is disastrous, like there is one story on the following link:


    I checked out the link that you posted and it's very interesting indeed.

    P.S: a map is very necessary for such routes!!
  • 04-07-2008
    Just digging through some old posts...
    Wow - sounds like an ordeal. I feel pretty comfortable on the MTB loop, but I've gotten lost a few times when on other trails. Everything starts to look the same.

    Word of advice - always carry a tube - that way when you stumble on some poor soul whose new wife has just flatted - you can offer them a tube and spread the good karma...
  • 04-07-2008
    nevermind old post