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    Fells, features blocked by tons of branches...

    Ok, so first ride in the Fells in three years. Get to one of the only rolls with any length and its blocked by branches cut from a dead tree laid all at top and at bottom. Then another roll further in the trail was blocked the same...
    Is this "Friends of the Fells" doing there deed to promote no fun in the fells?
    Don't they understand rock doesn't erode like dirt? They have to be the most ignorant group with there head up there ass with way to much pull in the Fells.

    What a lame ass thing to do... I can't imagine it won't get cleared sometime soon by some bikers.
    It is just ridiculous...
    Lynn Woods:yikes:
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    What trail was this on? If its been 3 years since you have been to the fells then you may not know that some portions of the orange trail and others have been purposefully rerouted. The old sections of the trails blocked by putting downed trees and branches over them.

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    Over by north border road near money hill.
    If you ride there, you know the roll I am talking about.
    Lynn Woods:yikes:
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    That was covered up at the beginning of the year when NEMBA did the big Orange Trail improvement. Though I may agree with you that a fun obsacle was lost, it was blocked off because its part of a trail that MTBR are not yet approved to ride on.

    I enjoy walking my dog at the fells, but If i'm looking to ride my bike i'll go somewhere else.

    The fells is for XC riding and cardio. If you want techy or obstacles there are plenty of places with more to offer.

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