• 09-24-2009
    Fall Epic - Death Loop - October 18th!!!!!
    This one is sure to go down with some memories.

    This year we are doing a 'loop' in West Granville. Should be between 7 and 8 hours. Water will be stashed at the half way point. You are on your own for the rest.

    Trails are quite 'rustic'. Sure to be a push like most haven't seen before. Just to give you an idea: The trails of West Granville make P'sham look like country backroads. Think of a trail-bed of sponge, littered with 50% rock.

    Spare derailer hangers are mandatory! Single speeds should surely think twice.

    As usual, we will have a feed after. Please bring something to accompany the main course fare.

    Ride time is 8:30 from Beech Hill Road in West Granville (Contact me for exact location)

    Train hard! and then rest.

    If you need to ask....


    stevenrossi -at- rocketmail -dot- com
  • 09-24-2009
    sounds like a good one!

    i loved belchertown/leveritt/belchertown on my rigid alu bianchi cuss 36-18.

    i loved sturbridge mass to mansfield hollow ct with a lap of the briarlee course thrown in for good measure.

    my new full sussy might like this ride.

    is this on a sunday? start time?

    hi steve!

  • 10-06-2009
    12 Days!
    Less than two weeks to go...

    This ride will be a similar effort to the JJMR. Good all day slog at a good pace.
    From the first post in this thread, most everything is fairly accurate...
    - The trails are not that much harder than P'sham. They are very different though. The speed of travel is a bit slower and it is a whole different world of technical.
    - Spare Derailer Hangers are highly recommended. The trails are very 'rustic' and not exactly manicured, so we may encounter more sticks than you are used to. I will be carrying a spare derailer to share.
    - Single speeds: While it might be fine to choose one for this ride, gearing down will definitely be a good plan. Not many fast pedalling trail sections, plenty of grunting, and very little dirt road (zero asphault).

    That is about it for now.

    Let me know if you have any questions.
    stevenrossi -at- rocketmail -dot- com
  • 10-17-2009
    Epic cancelled for this week. Rain and cold tomorrow. Try again next Sunday.
    New date, same time. Sunday October 25th. Ride time is 8:30. Get there by 8:15, or earlier.

    Ride today has been moved to 2:15 from my house.

  • 10-24-2009
    LOCATION CHANGED. Ride is on!
    Looks like a beautiful day tomorrow... With today's rain, the trails of West Granville will be a mess, so we are headed for the ridges by me.

    Location: MY HOUSE
    Start Time: 8:45 (Arrive by 8:30)
    Ride Time: Probably 6-7 hours (We will be moving at a good pace, but it will not be killer.)
    Bring food for yourself for the ride. There will be water stashed around half way.
    Feed After: Pizza will be the fare. Bring something to share.
    Ride: Out through the park and down the ridges into CT. Back through Southwick, a bit of rail trail and back through the park. So it is a loop from my house. NO SHUTTLES. Ride from my house and end at my house.

    Park on the lawn and pack'em in.

    Let me know if I missed any details.
    Thanks, Steve
    27 George St, 01001