• 01-28-2010
    Earl's or Batch conditions?
    With this weeks rains clearing out the snow, anyone been out yet? Any thoughts on conditions?


  • 01-28-2010
    Tried Earls yesterday (Wednesday). Parked at the Notch. The top by the bunker is ICY, then as you go down to the right it clears out enough where it was fun. Down low by the reservoirs was generally ice free. Made my way over to the Chmura St. parking area and it got very icy again. The trail between Tinker an Little Tinker is not good, (doesn't get sun) covered in ice so getting up short steeps was impossible. It cleared up and was nice again higher up Little Tinker. But the fire roads and trail that lie in between the Range mts. and the two hills is either still snow covered or very icy all the way back to the bunker. Still was nice to get out though.
  • 02-07-2010
    Went out yesterday for a good 1.5hrs at Earl's. It was pretty much perfect wintery riding. My buddy had studs, I didn't. He was at a disadvantage.
  • 02-09-2010
    Ive been over at batchelor for the past 3 days and I must say the conditions are amazing. There is more ice on the west side of the park (rollercoaster etc) but the east side of the park is in remarkably good shape. Looks like its going to get over freezing today for the first time in a while so get out while you can if you don't have studs. Once the trails re freeze they will be slick. Also, looks like we're supposed to be getting more snow. Fingers crossed that we get skipped again.