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    Do you still ride 26"?

    Hey folks - Been out of the game for a few years (5 or so?) - Been riding dirt bikes...After a torn MCL and a plateau fracture of my tibea (4 months on crutches, 18" scar, metal plate etc). Think its time to get back to pedaling...

    I have a Turner 5 pack (5 spot triangle, 6 pack rear). its a TNT link, CCDB shock, PUSH'd Pike, Mavic tubeless wheels, Hope disc brakes etc etc. Frames a little scratched but thats just paint.

    Also have a nice Turner Highline (Granny Smith green), Totem single crown fork, Fox 5.0 shock, Outlaw wheels, Saint all around ( I have to actually take a look to remember all the bits - but you get the idea). This is the perfect Highland , Nam bike. I really didnt get to ride it much - less than 15x. Great shape.

    I figure Ill buy a 29er (always loved Turner so I guess Ill look there first), I dont want to buy something new until I sell these (otherwise Ill never sell them). My question is: do people still ride the 26"? These were killer builds a few years ago but what should I ask? I'll put this on the classified but I want to price correcltly.

    Thanks for your thoughts - excited to be back (cant believe I forgot my username and password and had to start over!)!
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    there is no other

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    Just got a new 26er, 3.8 tires. 27.7's are only like 1 " bigger than 26ers. At 6"4', 29ers are for me.

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    Yeah, me and most of my buds are on 26'rs and I still see them everywhere but the resale value on 26r's is pretty bad. Since nobody is really making the 26" anymore your choice is the stupid 650B or 29'r. Especially a 5 year bike your looking at taking a big hit. Best thing you can do is search pinkbike for your bike and see what folks are listing them for and how long they've sat. You might be able to part it out or sell just the frame and fork and keep the bits for your next bike as the parts are pretty solid and new stuff is soooo expensive now.
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    Yep, I still have all 26ers and I'm pretty content with it.

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    26" with fat tires is not noticeably different than a 27.5", except to your wallet.
    I'd just ride em.
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    As others said. All the new stuff is 650B. Just keep them and ride them yourself, you'll have a hard time getting a decent price on older bikes like those. They'll ride better than they'll sell. It's a buyers market out there for 26 inch gear.

    I'm on a 2010 26 inch frame running a 2.4 Shwalbe Nobby Nic up front and a 2.4 Conti Mountain King in the back.
    For sure my next trail bike will be a 650B but more because thats what's out there. I don't feel any urgent need to abandon my 26 inch rig.

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    I just built 2 brand new 26" bikes. 26 will survive but will be what 650b was 3 years ago. There is still more selection for 26" then 29" for tires and forks even to this day.

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    Yup.....4 of them......

    Wife has 27.5" on her Rush and likes it, I'll probably swap to 27.5 on my Cannondale but the two Ibis rides are sweet at 26".......
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