had cabin fever so i decided to give greenwood a go. the first stretch heading to white trail is a sheet of ice. once you get to white trail it's hardpack & rideable but still pretty icy. didn't have studded tires and was ok. bumped into glen & lou. glen snapped his chain and was pushing. i offered my chain tool and we were able to get him up and running. i wonder if the repair held? they both had studded tires. then bumped into a nice lady on a specialized. surprised to see a few people out there. then on my way out i came across 3 strange women walking like 5 dogs. one of em was real barky and actually bit me, but just grazed my jeans. i thought i would kick him or drop a hammer fist on him if he came at me again, but decided to just keep rollin. it was slow going on the ice so i couldnt get away from him fast enough! anyway, it was a good day. good first ride of 2010