Cyclists collide on MUP in Lexington, fatal result-
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    Cyclists collide on MUP in Lexington, fatal result

    someone messed up hard on the Minuteman Bikeway

    71 year old died

    stay right people, and look both ways, don't drift out of lane...etc

    it was 2pm Sunday and about 63 degrees so MUP had to have been fairly busy at that time.
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    Was on the Danvers Rail trail yesterday mid-afternoon, it was packed with runners, walkers , and some bikes. Lane management is a big problem - Walkers 2 to 3 people wide, runners on the left side of the trail (cause of the walkers) and people in general not using edge of the trail. For the bikers feels almost as dangerous on sharing the road with cars.

    Im surprised their isnt more fatal bike accidents on these type of trails. Very sad story for both riders.

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    Terribly unfortunate

    With that said, it's not a place to ride your bike during high traffic times. I used to work at a company located on the trail and put many miles in during lunch or before work. I'd generally only ride it as a recovery ride, or doing intervals since you'd stop every 100yds due to traffic. I never passed a pedestrian at more than 10mph after having too many people randomly cross sides to look at something just as you're passing them. Lots of cyclists doing dangerous things on it in my opinion as they threaded the needle between pedestrians and slow moving cyclists with other cyclists coming at them. Definitely more dangerous than straight road if you're interested in riding at a normal pace.

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