• 01-06-2008
    Conditions at Otis AFB 1-6 -08
    Well this was to be our first ride of the new hear. but since there is still too much snow here, means otis road trip.

    Big blue bus loaded up

    we parked next to this van

    Slabz rides the skinny

    BADdna gets a phone call from work

    vos on his new steed ! does a roll


    Slabz rolls

    Woodsguy will be joining yhe crash thread

    Slabz goes over it in the other direction

    bo up the ramp

    Bo in trouble

    woodsguy shows her how it should be done

    Silver Turtle dropping

    the turtle on a bridge


    Post ride nourisment

  • 01-06-2008
    Great pics! Looks like you had a great time.

    I've been riding Otis for awhile now ( just now got back from a night ride there) and I still don't recognize some of the trail features in your pics.

    I need to do some more exploring!! :thumbsup: