To all,

We at Dieselbikes misspoke about mountain bike access in our last Bruce and Tom's 02.10.06 posting. Bruce and Tom's is a relatively small area that encompasses private property and a portion of the Tompson Street Reservation (300 acres between Fernald & Bray Street off Exit 14 on RT128) which is owned by Essex County Greenbelt. Our last posting may have implied that all of Bruce and Tom's and Tompson Street Reservation are closed to mountain bikers and the public. Tompson Street Reservation is open year round from dawn 'til dusk and most trails are accessible from the Fernald Street entrance. Please respect Greenbelt's rules and regulations and the privacy of their neighbors.

The area which is closed to the public is on private property owned by "Bruce The Firefighter" and his neighbors. A portion of the area known as Bruce and Tom's is therefore closed and you need permission by the landowners to ride there.

Dieselbikes will be working with Essex County Greenbelt and "Bruce the Firefighter" to help improve the mountain bike experience. We will keep the mountain bike community up to date with trail news and maintenance dates as they become available.

Thank you for your support!