Boston Commuters and the MBTA - brief rant-
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    Boston Commuters and the MBTA - brief rant

    Traffic around Boston absolutely sucks. Gas prices are becoming unbearable. As you cruise down highways around Boston, there are signs that read "Don't drive, take the T." The city is putting money into many T stops making them safer and cleaner. So, the MBTA wants us to use the train, we get it.

    So why don't they allow bikes on the T during commuting hours? Bikes can only go in certain trains during off hours. How many commuters, like myself, don't take the T because their place of work is not walkable from a T stop. Many, many I'm sure

    And yeah the trains are cramped and sticking a bike or two won't make it better, but wah, wah, wah.....figure it out.

    Bike to the train, pop your bike on the train, get off, bike to work. Makes sense?? I guess not.
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    I have been riding the T for the better part of the last 10 years. Busy hours on the T are bad...real bad. Jammed in like sardines, extremely rude people, pushing/shoving etc. There is many a day when I dont even bother getting on the first train that comes along simply because its already overcrowded and not worth the aggravation. I dont honestly think you could add bikes into the mix without making the situation a million times worse. I am happy I can crank up my MP3 player and tune all of it out for the most part.
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    The MBTA should add more trains.

    They're going to have to eventually. Something will need to be done soon, what with the gazzillon dollars it costs to fill up a car with gas nowadays.

    At least Boston commuters have the MBTA. I work in Providence (the one in Rhode Island ), and I have a 40 minute commute. There is NO public transportation available.

    Luckily, I am able to carpool with one other co-worker who lives nearby, so thats something.

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    I used to take the commuter rail from Grafton to South Station then the Red Line to Central Square. I could walk from Central Square but the Grafton stop was a little ways from my house so occasionally I would bike there (most of the time my wife dropped me off on her way to work). I didn't like leaving my bike chained up at the remote station. Someone could easly steal it. Being able to take my bike on the train would also give me the option of skipping the Red Line and biking to Cambridge from SS. But I do agree that there is no way they can currently fit bikes on the trains. Even on a good day a few bikes would be a major hassle and hazard for the rest of the passengers. And there are many days when there isn't even enough room for people let alone a bike that would take up as much room as 3-4 people.

    What I think they should do is add a car with every other seat taken out. They could charge you more to ride in it but you could use the space for your bike, luggage, stoller, etc. I also think they should have first class cars with large seats, free wifi, etc.

    If you really must take a bike on the train now, you could get a folding bike.

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    They still allow folding bikes on the trains during rush hour.

    From MBTA website:

    Folding Bikes

    * Folding bikes are allowed on Subway, Commuter Rail and buses at any time when folded in the most compact position and carried in a carrying case intended for that purpose.

    If I lived out there I'd certainly invest in one, even commuting to school its a hassle making sure my bike is securely locked. I'd Imagine most employers would allow you to bring you folding bike in with you. The whole thing about needing them in a case doesn't make sense...unless it could snag on something.

    My girlfriend and I took our bikes with us to visit my sister one Sunday, and it was a pretty big hassle, must people were giving us nasty looks. One thing I didn't know is that they actually don't allow cyclists to board or depart from Park Street, Downtown Crossing or Gov't Center; with the exception of line transfers......we actually got off at Park Street..oops.
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    Just to keep things in perspective..

    ...I just moved to Charlestown from Southern California. If you think this is bad, you have nooo idea what its like there. There's virtaully no public transpo, the traffic is WAY worse and gas is way more expensive. I'm not saying the MBTA doesn't suck, but from where I'm sitting, Boston's got it pretty good (comparitivly).

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