• 03-19-2008
    Trekker 6000
    Borderland after a lot of rain?
    I was wondering if somebody could let me know how well the drainage is at Borderland. I read that we're suppossed to get up to 2" inches of rain today and into tonight and I was hoping to ride Borderland on Friday. Should I expect it to be pretty wet on Friday?

  • 03-19-2008
    Borderland will be a swamp IMO after that much rain, especially since we're in mud season right now. I would steer away from it and head for the Cape if your schedule allows.

    Kinda stinks, spring feels like it's trying to get here but we're going to have to wait a few more weeks I think for most places to dry out enough to ride.
  • 03-19-2008
    Borderland is def going to be too wet, it is one of the wettest places to ride. Otis in falmouth is a much better idea, it drains very fast and you wont do the damage there like at borderland.