Best trails for these-
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    Best trails for these

    Trail recs, please.

    I've haven't gotten any riding in over the past month, so I'm really
    itching to get out. I would say i'm a decently skilled tech rider,
    but haven't ridden in these kind of conditions before. (Been out west thye past 15 years.)

    So I'm thinking with 3 days of temps near45 - 50 day/night, most of the snow should be gone
    by Monday, so I'm trying to plan a ride early MON. or perhaps even Sunday afternoon.

    I'm trying to avoid, above all things, mud. (I would walk my bike over muddy areas.)

    A couple questions:

    1) Which areas drain the best ? More sandy soils, perhaps, are better ?

    2) If I have to ride in a little bit of snow, which areas are preferred ?
    I'm thinking areas that would have enough use, that the trails would be more
    packed down. I've heard that Lowell Dracut gets some snowmobile use, but I'm not
    sure if that's a good choice because of the drainage making it prone to muddy.

    I'm also thinking Mt. Pisgah if the snow isn't too deep by Monday.
    I've never ridden Willowdale, but have ridden Harold Parker a lot.
    Would Foxboro be a good place ?

    I'd prefer not to go to the Cape. Anyway, thanks in advance.
    I know it's a lot of questions, so if you want to answer only one,
    it would be much appreciated also.

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    If all or most of the snow melts then we will probably have thawing mud. Drainage doesn't matter when you have thawing mud... worse possible time to go riding due to damage to the trails. Wait till everything freezes back up again.

    On the other hand, if the trails are still cover in an inch or two of slushy snow and the ground is still frozen then you won't be doing any damage.

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