• 05-22-2010
    Best place to list a bike for sale locally?
    Selling my 09 Kona Big Unit 29er SS as I've been riding on the road more than trails, so my 2x9 is getting more use.

    I put her up on Boston Craigslist but are there any good regional sites to list it on? Given that it's a higher-end bike ($2,000 new, asking $750 FIRM) I figured something more specialized would be better for exposure. Any sites I should list it on? I don't want to ship it...

  • 05-22-2010
    the classified section hear and i think nemba has a sales section.

    pm me pics i may not not be interested:)
  • 05-24-2010
    Check out the free for sale section at bustedspoke.com

    It's almost exclusively New England riders. I have bought and sold a few things on there in the past with success.