Here we go summer - now that it's August, maybe the constant rain
lightens up a bit!

This week, we will ride the Montague Plains - an unfortunately more and
more neglected system of a vast variety of trails and terrain. There will be
sand, there will be rock, and there will be pine-needle covered ground,
coming at you in the form of winding, flat and up-and-down trails - and
that's not all! The trails are mostly smooth and you can ride easy trails for
hours here.

We will meet at the triangle intersection of Main, Center and North St. in
the center of Montague. The ride starts at 6:15pm; plan to get there
about 10-15 minutes early to check your bike and and get ready.

Mandatory equipment:
- Bike in good working order
- Water

Everybody is invited to come and explore some of our regional mountain
biking trails, get to know the different terrains and meet others who love
being outdoors and getting dirty. There will be frequent stops and no

Feel free to contact me with questions for further information, car pooling
or just to let me know you're coming. Hope to see you all soon!
If you're unsure if the ride is still happening (rain, heat, surprise blizzard
etc.) call me the day of the ride - leave a message if I don't pick up and I
will call you back.

Location: Montague Plains
Ride Time: 6:15pm
Contact: Steffi Krug, (413)522-7321, [email protected]