Next week, we'll ride the trails around the Mt. Hermon campus under the lead of Craig Hefner. There are a lot of single and some double track trails, some up and down but no extended climbing. This should be fun!

We'll meet at Craig's house (see: directions) and park in his driveway. As I -much to my embarrassment- found out the hard way it gets dark pretty much right away for the night rides, and lights that aren't fully charged just don't do the trick so come prepared or arrange to borrow a light in advance.

From Rt. 10, Come in the main entrance to the NMH Campus. On the main drive in, Craig's house is next to the third speed bump (about 1/2 mile from Rt. 10).

If you don't know where the campus entrance is: we are about 3 miles from I-91 exit 28 (Take Rt. 10 North) or 1.5 miles from Rt 63 in Northfield (Take Rt. 10 South). The entrance to NMH is across the road from the entrance to Pioneer Regional School.

If you come up Gill Main Rd., it is still quicker to go past campus to Rt. 10, take a left and then left again back into campus to find my house. Giving directions through campus is too confusing. Even for people who think they know the campus--roads
have moved in the last year!

Craig's phone numbers:
Home: 498-5040
Cell: 413-244-1620

Location: Northfield Mt. Hermon Campus, Gill, MA
Ride Time: 6:15pm
Contact: Steffi Krug, (413)522-7321, [email protected]