Hey All-I just got this from Eric Barnes (one of the original Architects of Batchelor St Trails and Maker of the legendary Batchelor St/ Earle's Trail online map). It's a memorial ride and bench dediaction for Chuck Tanguay-another of the original Batchelor St. Advocates and trail builders who passed away this July. This would is worth attending:

Hi Liam,

Im not sure you remember me, but I did a lot of work on the MTB trails in the Holyoke Range with Pete Vangel, Earl Alderson and Chuck Tanguay. You and I have ridden together at some NEMBA events in the past, though its been quite a few years, mainly because I had to move out to Western NY three years ago.

Im writing to you concerning Chuck Tanguay, who passed away in late July. His efforts to build high quality trails after getting permission from land owners made a great contribution to the available riding in Western Massachusetts. I have gotten permission from Kevin Brooks, who owns much of the land that the Batchelor Street trails are built on, to install a memorial to Chuck along one of the trails he built (Far East). The memorial will be a granite bench, located at a place where people tend to congregate anyhow. The bench will be installed on October 12, and we will be holding a dedication ceremony on Sunday, October 14 at 3:00. At 3:00 we will meet at the trailhead (the Batchelor Street parking lot in Granby) and then ride out to the bench, say a few words, share some memories, and perhaps pour a beer for Chuck. Then, well take a ride on the trails Chuck built, and on those he loved to ride.

I hope that you can help me to publicize this event to the mountain bikers in the Pioneer Valley. Many people there knew Chuck, rode with him, and even helped him build these great trails but I have no way of letting them know about this dedication ceremony. Attached is a copy of a bulletin giving details about this event. Would you be willing to pass this on to the members of PV-NEMBA? Id very much appreciate it.

All the Best,

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