• 11-11-2009
    B-street/ Orchard hill/ trail work
    Id just like to thank whoever recently raked entrance exam and missing persons makes all the difference in the world. My government job (unemployment) currently leaves me with plenty of hours to fill but i have no car so if any of you all are coming from North Amherst and can give me a ride out to Bachelor id love to rake more of it.

    Closer to me, I spent a few hours today out on the orchard hill trail on the Umass campus. Mostly raking leaves, planning to go back out there tomorrow 11-4. The trail seems like it has alot of potential and I'd like to see it develop. Maybe add some alternative lines.

    In any case, I'm out of work till the shop returns to regular hours and would love to use my time to help in any way I can. Let me know what needs doing, thanks.

  • 11-11-2009
    Kareem, That would be Chaz and crew (nemba) that deserve the TY for B Street. I am sure he would like your help, and he lives out your way. I will alert him to this thread. I am sure he will respond. Thanks! Steve
  • 11-11-2009
    Actually, you have Anthony DiCarlo to thank for clearing those particular trails (I did the west side of the park). Moving at tornado speed, we got almost the whole place cleared today. Thanks goes out to Evan Cuce, Anthony, and Joe Tudryn for lugging around leafblowers. Anthony was particularly devoted and spent like 8 hours out there today.

    There's a couple projects I'd like to tackle before the snow flies (shingle the bridges and some rockwork). I live in downtown Amherst, so carpooling is no problem at all. Drop me a line - chaznielsen AT gmail DOT com.