To All Lynn Woods Riders Ect,ect,-
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    To All Lynn Woods Riders Ect,ect,

    For those of you who know me,Truly understand that my aka CRAZY FRED is a complete under-statement. The name is not just for the insane hucks OF THE PAST. But simply put, I'm just a full blown nut bag.CRAZY does not just refer to phycial or mental tuffness.(Although it sures helps). Patzy Klein(forgive the spelling) biggest hit CRAZY, was more about a feeling. And the one thing I've always had a CRAZY felling for is Mountain biking,having been doing it since 1989 it has always been # 1 in my life. Being born and raised in Lynn,ma was always kind of a bad thing for me. Drugs,gangs,cops,ect,ect.But Lynn Woods sure changed that.Over the years I've made my self quite a rep some good some bad. I've been told that to know me is to love me BUT I for sure, at first rub most people the wrong way.Most people don't know how to take me. I'm a very ridged guy. Which brings me to my point. A few weeks ago I was reading a thread about a guy(LEARNING LYNNWOODS) which to me that in its self was colorful enough.That's my opinon and I'm sticken to it. Anyway this guy was going on about he was a newbe and wanted to ride Lynn Woods but his freind told him that he could break his neck there,and he wanted to know WHAT SHOULD I DO. And then a week later I see a post from the same guy looking for someone to help him find the BARN-DROP at B%T's for he really wanted to hit that drop. At that time (and I still do )thought that this did not make any sense.And I let him know that( 1st am.freedom of speach) And right fully so He MR.LEARNING LYNN WOODS didn't like this. I can promise you this 5 to 10 years ago this would never happen. BUT being older and much wiser (maybe sometimes AFTER the fact) I'm big enough to admit when I'm wrong,IT IS VERY CLEAR TO ME that he is becoming very passionate about his new found love, the wonderful world of Mountain Biking. Those of you who really know me understand the one thing I love more than riding is helping ANYBODY OR ANYONE start up or to step up there riding.So out of respect to the sport,and all the newbe's(and to anyone else)please forgive me if I've offened anyone. In other words I AM SORRY. As for a complete attempt to be able to put my head on my pillow ever night and continue to be ok with my self. This needed to be said. Peace.

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    Fred, as they say it takes a big man and all that....... Just wait until the Turner boys see this thread.

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    Lynn, Lynn, the city of sin ............... -fully fun Lynn Woods.

    Nice to hear you're being nice to Mr. Woods
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