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Please take a sec and drop a line. DCR Commissioner Sullivan's address is [email protected]




The Draft Trails Plan that DCR has been crafting for the Fells is at risk of being delayed or scuttled by calls for a Resource Management Plan by those who do not want to see any change in trails policy at the Fells. This is a blatantly obstructionist tactic. DCR's Draft Plan is good for the Fells and good for all users.

We have worked too hard for too long to see this go down. We need your help in contacting DCR Commissioner Sullivan directly to let him know that they need to implement their Draft Plan for the Fells, specifically:

Make Reservoir (Orange) Trail Shared-Use
Implement new Winter Closure Policy of March 1 - March 31
Make more marked loops available out of existing legal trails

Get all the details here:

We would also encourage you to contact your elected officials at this time as well - even if you have already done so. DCR needs to hear loud and clear that they should implement their Draft Plan.

Find your elected officials here: