Robinson State Park - Agawam, MA

NIGHT RIDE! NIGHT RIDE!! NIGHT RIDE!!! ...Bonfire and Weenie Roast too!

Special info for this ride: 1) This will be a "Night Ride". Only the last 30 minutes or so will be in the dark. In a group, it is not scary at all (...but the monsters are still there). Every rider should have some kind of light attached to either their helmet or handlebars. LEDs or flashlights or whatever, just some kind of light. Many of us will have very bright lights to help out with. 2) The mealtime timing of this rides is NOT good. Hunger and exercise do not mix, especially for kids. Please be sure they are well fed, just prior to the ride. 3) Please be sure to RSVP for this ride. We will have a Bonfire and Weenie Roast after, so we need to plan for supplies. 4) Please bring a chair for yourself.

Now the usual stuff...

The seventh "Kids-MTB-Ride" of 2011 will be Saturday (10/29) at 4:30pm.
Meet at my house.
Please bring a post ride snack to share.
Please RSVP!

Please be sure the kids are well fed before the ride.

Thanks! Steve
stevenrossi -at- rocketmail -dot- com
If you would like to be removed from distribution, please let me know.

For the NEWBIES on distribution: I aim to schedule one ride per month, through October or November. These rides are completely free and for anyone. Feel free to invite others. We usually have kids from 3 to 14ish, but any age is welcome. Some 3 and 4 year-olds, who can ride two wheels, have done amazing! The only requirements are a helmet, a bike, and a guardian. Some older kids can ride unaccompanied, but please pre-arrange with me. Any (two wheeled) bike will do. Training wheels do not go through the woods very well. A couple small guys have ridden on tag-along bikes with parents and it worked out great! Any bike will do...road bikes with skinny tires might be a little tough, but if that is all you have, I am sure you will get-by, or I have something you might be able to borrow. The rides are through Robinson State Park and the trails are very appropriate for kids/beginners. We also have adults join us that are just getting into it, or like to ride with the kids and help out. We break into two or three groups, so the pace/riding will be suitable for everyone. The groups meet/re-group in the woods multiple times during the ride, so everyone stays amazingly motivated. The rides usually last between 1.5 to 2 hours. Please be sure the kids are well fed prior, and that you bring snacks and a drink for on the trail. Two of the rides will end with bon-fires (Usually July and October). These rides are scheduled later in the day and we have a post-ride weenie and marshmallow roast. They are a blast!

Please let me know if you have any questions.

Hope to see everyone on Saturday!!! Thanks! Steve
stevenrossi -at- rocketmail -dot- com