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    Wolf Ridge 9 immediate rear shock failure - alternatives or upgrades?

    tldr my question: Is it possible/practical to source shocks with the Wolf Ridge custom tuning? (pretty much wide open damping if I understand correctly)

    Background: I bought a Wolf Ridge 9 from Chainreactioncycles over Black Friday. I put 250psi (CORRECTION: 350psi) in the shock (rated max) to support my weight (230lbs with gear, water etc.) at proper sag (25%). Love climbing on this thing so far but still havenít done proper downhill on it!

    On the second ride, after a lengthy climb, the shock (RockShox Monarch R) sucked itself down almost fully. I coasted the access road back to the parking lot where I tried reinflating with my shock pump to no avail. LBS says the shock is not fixable without disassembly - probably internal seal failure. CRC, to their credit, replied quickly - but they want me to send the shock back to them for inspection. Iím bummed - Iím not super comfortable mailing a broken but highly negative pressurized canister, as itíll take forever and it might even be illegal. Iím thinking of sourcing another shock, maybe a Fox, since I hear these Monarchs are trash. Maybe running it at max pressure contributed to the failure, but it hadnít really even seen any big hits (just intermediate XC and a beginner uphill trail). On the other hand I really liked the feel of the Wolf Ridge - efficient and supple - so I donít want to mess with that success if that makes sense. This is the first full suspension Iíve owned, usually Iím on a hardtail or fully rigid. Thanks for any advice!
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    Interesting. I Have the Wolf Ridge 8 suffer similar fate but only after a day at Mammoth bike park. I had only put about 100 miles on it before this. Side note - I thought this Monarch was rated at 350 psi? I may be wrong. But I'm similar weight and have to bring it up to 335-340 for proper sag. I'll take any recommendations on the shock as well. Mine was rebuilt but I'm afraid to bring it to proper downhill terrain with the issues.

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    Youíre right, my typo - I meant 350psi to support my ~230lbs fully geared. Good to know Iím not the only one. I was not at a bike park - had only ridden easy/intermediate trails, nowhere near freezing temps or anything - so I wonder if the failures are to do with running them near max pressure. Or it could be something about the custom tune, maybe these shocks donít like running near wide open. Maybe the Wolf Ridgeís kinematics contributed to the failure. Or maybe Monarchs are just kinda not that great. Having a hard time narrowing it down, arenít I? haha

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