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    Wide bars. Just do it.

    I picked up a gently used Straitline 745's and stuck them on the ol' AT. Instantly, it felt like I was driving a bus, but without the screaming kids. However, the "bus driver" feel was very, very nice. These new bars were only about 1/2 inch wider on each side, so I didn't think it would make that much of a difference, but it did.

    So this is why people get super wide handlebars. Comfort and control. I took the AT out today for several hours on super tight twisty techy rocky stuff and it was awesome! The bars really do improve the ride all around.

    1. Obviously going downhill was even better. I had way more control side to side, I mean WAY more. I put on a dropper seat post a few months ago. Once you drop the seat post and fly down a hill, I felt like the bike wasn't really that stable side to side, but this bar fixed that.
    2. Going up. If I'm not careful, when climbing switchbacks, I have a tendency to dive into the turn, which isn't always the best method, but it happens. These wide bars allow me extra leverage to pull out of the dive. Super cool.
    3. Turning in general. It takes some getting used to, because it's not quite a fast as narrower bars, but it doesn't take long to get used to it.

    This has been one the best and easiest upgrades I have ever done on a bike and I will never run anything narrower again.

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    I agree with you 100%. I have a stock Kona dawg. I met up with a a couple of guys in a local trail. I noticed one of the guys bars was noticably wider than any I've seen. He let me take the bike for a ride. I felt like I was on a motorcross bike! I ordered a set of Answer 780mm 1" rise bars as soon as I got home. They are made to be cut down to fit any width you need. They have marks on either side for easy measuring. I'm a big dude at 6'-4" and left them at the full 780mm just to see how it felt. I haven't felt the need to cut them yet. I finally have a bike that fits me. The bike climbs sick now as I can scrunch up on the seat, tuck my elbows in and almost do pull-ups as i head up a hill. The bike is more stable in the air and I feel more in control during landings. I'm not sure if a shorter rider would benefit as much from a wider bar. I recomend taller riders look at wider bars for more comfort and control.

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    I have 785mm bars and a 50mm stem on my AT. Descending and control in technical stuff is amazing. Front wheel lofts more easily but is very controllable with weight shift. I love it. Steep drops that come up fast are now way easier to huck.

    I put wider bars and a 70mm stem on my Mt Vision and made it an even better all around ride too without sacrificing anything really.

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    same here---

    been using 27 or 28 inch bars for year now...

    just made the switch to 30.7" Spank 777's. holy crap, what a difference. never would have thought that little bit more on the bar would make such a huge difference in the way the bike feels.

    not really worried about clipping trees or anything. we build trails so we have plenty of bar space.
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