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    Trek or Marin for a Rookie Clyde?

    I'm 6'-2", 255 pounds and I'm happy to have just discovered that a whole realm exists by and for the creature known as the Clydesdale. Apparently, based on my physical characteristics (once I start riding again), I'll be a Clyde myself. I used to be a bike messenger in DC, have messed around with some offroading on rented bikes, and have done a fair amount of road biking but I'm ready to by a new bike and start riding XC more seriously. I really have very little knowledge of what ride would be right for me. Narrowing down my options is the fact that I can get a great deal on a bike through my Father-in-law and that his shop carries Marin and Trek. The pricerange I have in mind and my pre-conceived riding style have brought me to the Trek Liquid 25 and the Marin Rift Zone. (I think I want a FS rather than a HT because I'll probably occassionally be addressing terrain appropriate for such a rig. I'm also not scared of riding for extended periods of time and figure that the comfort a FS bike would provide would be worth it. Additionally, I don't plan on racing and so I'm not concerned with the loss of speed an FS might cause.) Can anyone tell me if either of the models I'm looking at would be better suited for a soon-to-be-Clydesdale such as myself? Any other points someone may have that I should consider would be greatly appreciated as well.

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    I am 6'1 250 and have never had a problem with Trek. I had a Liquid 30 and now have a Fuel 95. I think that either one will hold up outstanding in your situation. The Trek is stout and not flexy at all.

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    I'm 5'11" 260 and just bought a marin rocky ridge, despite the obvious geometry being off for XC, I love it (for XC). We as clydes would rather have a little more weight than have to replace parts every 2 weeks ya know I would only be happier if I would have gotten an Enduro or a Heckler that I am already looking at But Marin's customer service is awesome and I have been hitting some fair size jumps and doing some pretty fast all over the place downhill and it has been holding up great, no complaints so far.

    I am not real familiar with Trek, but after looking at the rift zone I may go with that instead of the enduro, of course this won't be for a while as I just spent 1000 on my 2 month old bike, but in the next 2 years UI want a burly Clydeable FS rig.

    I think either will be a great choice.

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    either - or

    I would say check them both out. They are both good bikes. I ride with a guy who rides a Fuel 20 and loves it. I checked it out, and it is surprisingly light for such a large travel bike. It pedals pretty well too. Personally, I felt a bit out of control on that bike. It was tough to guide through tight stuff with it's long wheelbase and slow steering.

    I would keep in mind that you have to pedal that monster up the hills, and gemerally, the more travel you have, the tougher that becomes. Stable Platform shocks help a bunch, tho. Stable platform is where the shock is essentially locked out under pedaling forces, but opens up under bumps to let the suspension move. It isn't as perfect as it sounds, but it works pretty dang well when set up right.

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