I just read that Marin have parted with their UK distributor ATB Sales, after 25 years.
I have owned a good few Marins, throughout the golden age of the 1990s and 2000s.
1994 Eldridge Grade, 1995 Pine Mountain, 1996 Quake 9.0, 1998 Team DH,
2003 Wolf Ridge, and I'm still riding my 2006 Attack Trail.

At least 50% of my reasoning for staying loyal to Marin for so long, has been down to the legendary after sales customer service from ATB Sales.

Marins were always great bikes, but when they broke (and like all bikes, they could break), it was thanks to ATB Sales that I was back on a brand new frame, always within 1 week of returning the original (free of charge), and always on a later year model, and always on the next model up the range! I had a friend have exactly the same experience.

Some of the credit for this must go to Marin themselves, for their own company policy towards offering a 5 year minimum, to sometimes lifetime guarantee during this period, but it was always ATB Sales who implemented this for it's UK customers, showing that where there's a will there's a way. In an age where confidence inspired brand loyalty is all but forgotten, other companies could learn a lot from their example.

Thanks ATB Sales