I'm looking into a not too expensive upgrade for the stock RP23 (meh). Thinking about a 2017 Fox Float DPS performance. Question is whether the tune on the ones that Pro's closet is selling (new oem takeoff) would work for the MV.

Tune code returns the following:

2017, FLOAT DPS, P-S, A, 3pos Evol LV, Ellsworth, Rogue Sixty, 7.875, 2.25, 0.4 Spacer, CM, RM, Climb L, Standard Logo

So the Ellsworth rogue also uses a 4-bar and I would guess that the medium compression and rebound are fine. I'm just wondering about the light climb. Perhaps not firm enough? I believe that the aftermarket ones come CM, RM, Climb F.

Any thoughts about the tune and whether I can reuse the existing mounting hardware?