Marin Quake 7.1 Linkage Slop-
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    Marin Quake 7.1 Linkage Slop

    Hello all,

    I picked up a Marin Quake recently and it's been a great bike the couple times I've ridden it thus far. However, I notice that the swing arm has about ~1mm of play when I pick up the bike and drop it to the floor.

    I guess the best way to describe this is that when I am holding the bike on its wheels and pull up on the seat, you can hear something is loose. You hear a tiny clunk in one of the linkages.

    I'm wondering if anyone else has had this issue and if so, are there any manuals online showing how to take apart the quad linkages?

    Is this normal? Should it have some play?


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    I'd look at worn shock mounts/bushes first. These quite often give the symptoms you've described. I have two 7.1's and if there the same year, you need to take the link mount bolt caps off with a suitable sized spanner which will reveal the actual linkage bolts. Everything comes apart fairly easily. Take shock out and see if mounts are worn. If not, check the linkage bearings. Good luck!

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    My Mount Vision had a similar feeling. Turned out the swingarm pivot through bolts were loosening. Once torqued again, the slop went away.

    Maybe go to the Marin bikes website and poke around in the support section.

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