hey MTBR Peeps,

I have a 2016 Marin Attack Trail Pro that I used for some enduro racing this year. Unfortunately, I suffered a serious injury that will change my riding habits. I won't race enduro anymore, and I doubt I'll ride trail as hard as I used to.

I loved the Attack trail for enduro/AM, but it wasn't the best climbing bike in its set up. The Bos Deville is a 160mm enduro fork, and the Bos Kirk doesn't provide a great pedalling platform. I am thinking my riding will shift towards XC/Trail. I've got the Attack Trail up for sale, planning to buy a Rift Zone or equivalent if it sells. I haven't had any bites on it yet, so am starting to think about keeping the Attack trail, and XC'ifying it, such as putting on a Monarch Debonair or Float Evol, and a travel adjust fork.

I am curious how people have found the bike for more xc/trail riding spec'd with the Monarchs (as opposed to the Bos Kirk)? How about with an adjustable fork, how's the ride with the front end lowered?

I am planning to do BC Bike Race next summer, and if the attack trail doesn't sell, using it in the XC'd form.

Thanks for any feedback!