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    New question here. Loctite 638 onto QUAD 2 bearings??

    LBS just replaced the bearings on my 2010 Attack Trail. I asked if they recommend (or use) Loctite 638 when fitting Marin/ Whyte bearings and they said they just use grease. I asked as the Marin pdfs are very specific about this. However, they said it wasn't necessary, so fair enough.

    I just took the links to them to have the bearings fitted and when refitting them 2 of the bearings actually came loose in the link bores to my surprise.

    I cant help Marin are pretty specific about using the (extremely) strong Loctite 638 to prevent exactly this. It seems the bores in the links are not designed to be an especially tight fit, hence the loctite.

    I dont mind refitting the bearings again and using the correct Loctite.... what Im concerned about is that Loctite 638 is massively strong stuff from what Ive read (basically a metal on metal glue) and Im concerned that trying to get the bearings out in the future could be nigh on impossible.

    Anyone actually used this particular loctite on the QUAD bearings?

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    I've not used this on these particular bearings, however I use Loctite products almost daily and I have taken training sessions from Loctite Tech guys. You absolutely will need a retaining compound in a slip fit situation, the bike shop guys are wrong. By them saying "we just use grease" that tells me they don't know the first thing about bearings and retaining. You want the inner race and the outer race to stay fitted, that will allow the bearing to function as bearings are designed to function. In a slip fit bore such as what you have, the outer bearing race can spin. That spinning is what WILL wear down your parts, caused by the metal to metal contact of the bearing race spinning in the bore. Using a retaining compound, like you said, "glues" it in. I use retaining compound on every bearing I touch, Loctite has various ones for slip fit, press fit, etc. The 638 is a slip fit, it will fillgaps up to .010" inch and has a working time of 5 minutes. They also have a 680 which may be a tiny smidge better foitour application, that will fill .015" and has a working time of 10 minutes. Full cure time is the same at 24 hours, temperature ranges are the same. As for disassembly, it won't be a problem. A small puller will easily remove the bearings from the pockets, and a little bit of heat from a torch will release the bond to help, though it's likely not needed.

    If it were mine, I'd be taking it apart. Clean it up real good and reassemble with retaining compound. Just a light amount around the outer bearing race is all you need, and if you can find some, I'd used their 7649 primer (though not likely for a garage do-it-yourselfer)

    Hope this helps-

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