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    Horrid noise

    my marin wolfridge has started making some strange noises, its had 2 days on the trails...only about 25 miles in horrid conditions.

    when pedaling as pressure is put on the crank it sems to make a wierd noise i cant really describe, sounds like a cross between squelching and a long piece of metal being pinged so it vibrates and gives off sound...told you it was weird!, it might be best for me to take a video of it when im pedaling.

    I had other squeaks and all but ive been about the bike lubing and greasing moving parts and im still left with this noise, im deaf so have trouble locating sources of sounds. The crankset is a shimano SLX HTII and i assume the BB is the same as its OEM. I took the chain off and spun the crank and it sounds fine, just seems to be when preassure is applied ie pedaling.

    any ideas?

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    Sometimes bike noise can be a pain to track down....

    - Check that your linkage bolts are properly torqued. The torque specs on the 2009 Mount Vision is 25NM, not sure what it is for the Wolf Ridge.
    - Rule out the bottom bracket. Pop the seals and pack some fresh grease or better yet, put on a a new one.
    - Thoroughly Inspect the frame for cracks.
    - When I installed new cable housings on my Mount Vision, one of the C-clips (the one just before the rear derailleur cable stop) was crimped too tight on the housing that it produced an audible creak with suspension movement.
    - Check your fork.
    - Check your hub bearings.
    - Bad pedal pivots can get noisy.
    - Brake rub/noice?
    - The "long piece of metal being pinged so it vibrates and gives off sound" sounds like a bone-dry chain. Do you clean, dry and lube yours regularly?

    Hope any of this helps.

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    Loose dropout bolts is also a common source of noise on Marins. Probably not the noise you are describing though?
    Since you've been riding in wet muddy conditions maybe it's seat rail in the clamp or seat post in the seat tube? Are you using your old pedals and the bearings have gone dry?

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    I'd look at the pedals first. I spent a week working over my bike to find the noise was from my pedals. Bike looked great afterward.

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