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    Hawk Hill 1 downhill/enduro upgrades

    Has anyone upgraded their Hawk Hill into more of an enduro platform? Iíve done quite a bit of downhill trail riding with mine lately and the only limitations that have shown themselves is the weak rear brake (on the HH1) and the front fork not eating the smaller bumps which ends up tiring out your arms and hands. I was unable to bottom out the rear and I really didnít feel like 120MM wasnít enough travelÖ that surprised me.

    Iím upgrading the rear brake to the Shimano M8020 4-piston, thatís already on order. Iím going to leave the front stock for now.

    Iíve heard you can run a 140mm front fork on theseÖ had anyone upgraded to one? Stock is the 130mm Recon. Looks like the RS Pike or the Fox is the way to go.

    Wheels will need to be upgraded, the HH1 comes with QR rear axle which needs to be swapped to bolt thru. Iíve been looking at the Crankbrothers cobalt wheel.

    In the future I was debating getting a real downhill bike to go along side my HH1, but now you can get 170MM enduro bikes that will do bothÖ If I get a 170MM enduro I probably wouldnít ride my Hawk Hill because Iíd just use the 170 for everything and at that point upgrading the HH now is pointless. Tough choice.

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    If downhill is your thing, id probably recommend swapping over to the Alpine Trail.

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    Hawk Hill 1 downhill/enduro upgrades

    Hey, so I did some similar upgrades to my Rift Zone 2 to make it a little more burly and enduro-ish. I love it but if you think you want an enduro/ downhill bike just go right to the Attack Trail and be done. It will ride everything the Hawk Hill will and more.

    Here are the upgrades I did to my Rift Zone that really brought it alive from stock.

    Pike Ultimate 140mm fork. Some extra travel upfront with more in-depth setup / fine tuning. Also slackened it out for better control while descending.

    SRAM Guide RSC brakes front and rear with 180mm rotors. 4 piston over the stock 2 piston along with bigger rotors just gave it a lot more bite and stopping power over all. The levers also felt better to me for both modulation and finger position. This was probably the most confidence Inspiring upgrade I did just knowing I could brake at anytime and really control my speed.

    Also I went with the full Eagle drivetrain upgrade to help with climbing but the fork and brakes to me were the more noticeable overall for handling and control.

    Still want to play with the rear shock to help compliment the fork and being the back end under control. In the meantime I have some volume tokens to play with.

    But like skeeno said, Iím kind of wishing I had went with the Attack Trail for more travel and enduro/ bike park riding. But the rift Zone with my upgrades covers 70% of the trails I ride without issue. Such a capable bike that punches above its weight class.

    And the Hawk Hill is more or less the same but on the 27.5 wheels. So itís right there in terms of what you can do.

    And if you donít agree, check out Mark Matthews on IG and YouTube to see him shred his Hawk Hill.


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