Concern about Marin's warranty.-
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    Concern about Marin's warranty.

    I've been deciding whether or not to buy a Marin Bobcat Trail 2013, now it's an absolutely an amazing valued bike with really nice components. My main concern is about warranty coverage, I'm not buying the bike from a LBS. I'm buying it online from this website Random Bike Parts - Good Parts, Great Price

    They're selling it for $673.99, and I read the warranty policy from Marin and it states.

    "The warranty is only valid if the bicycle is purchased from, and assembled by, an authorized Marin dealer."

    Is this store an authorized dealer? If so will I be still be covered the same if I bought this bike from authorized dealer such as REI? (There's an REI store to near my area that sells Marin bikes)

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    If you look on ebay that retailer is actually selling it for less...

    I am not sure about the warranty. I recall seeing another post about this subject and I believe the poster contacted Marin and they were aware of the retailer and would honor the warranty. I believe the one catch was that you had to have a professional bike shop put the bike together, rather than doing it at home on your own. I just purchased 2 bikes from this retailer and I am not worried about the warranty...Marin makes a great frame/bike and I am confident it will hold up well.

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    What I did was assemble the bike then took it to REI for a "tune up" saved the receipt and will use that as proof if ever pressed on the warranty.

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    I've also purchased multiple bikes from this dealer off eBay. I am not particularly concerned with the warranty. I have heard a few different stories regarding what is and isn't covered. Not exactly sure what to believe but I think warrantees are always a but squirrelly. If a company wants to try to worm out of a legitimate claim, they will try it. If they are stand up, then they are not going to throw bs in your way and they will do whatever they can to make things right. Bikes are subject to wear and tear and a mountain bike will get beat up. I figure if everything works well out of the box, there isn't a lot that can go wrong that won't be caused by bashing it on a rock. So all I really care about is the fork warranty and the frame warranty.

    The Marin website says the fork is not covered as part of the bike's warranty and it is treated separately under the fork manufacturers warranty terms.

    A couple things to consider:

    The lifetime ( and we can could go into the legal definition of a lifetime but let's not) frame is warranted regardless of where you had it assembled according to the dealer. The components are only warranted for a shorter period.

    I think Crosslake claims if you have it assembled by a certified tech then the warranty is valid but the Marin website states assembly by an authorized "Marin" dealer. Personally I could even argue that the bike came 90% assembled from the Marin factory and go from there. In reality I put the seat and handlebars on. I didn't really assemble it.

    I hope to get ten years out of the frame. If the frame get's cracked from normal use, I really don't know if Marin is going to be agreeable or difficult about a warranty claim. Almost all of the reputable companies I have dealt with over the years have bent over backwards to honor a warranty.( Sometimes even after the term has expired.) (Only once did I get so pissed off that I dragged a company to court over a warranty claim.)

    Given the savings, I'm fine taking the risk in this case.

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    ^^^ What he said. They are covering themselves just in case some idiot ruins the bike during assembly.

    The main warranty is on the frame and that has nothing to do with where it was assembled. You will probably have to deal with the component manf if you have an issue with the components.

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