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    2014 Attack Trail or Mount Vision?

    Anyone out there get a chance to demo or ride either of these bikes? How do they compare? Are the bottom brackets press fit or threaded(I have an XX1 group with the regular threaded GXP cranks I hope to install)?

    I ride mostly the relatively smooth trails of Park City, Utah. I usually find myself down in Moab and or Sedona in the spring and fall and afraid the Mount Vision might not be supple enough for the latter(down south) and the Attack Trail maybe a bit overkill for the former(PC). I had an Intense Tracer 2 the past few seasons that I think falls more inline with the Attack Trail. The Tracer seemed a little too glued to the trail most of the time(It almost muted smooth trails). I'm leaning more towards the Mount Vision but just don't want to find myself wishing for more bike if I find myself down in the desert or up on the 034 in American Fork Canyon.


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    subscribed. interested in the exact same 2 bikes, also in the park city / wasatch front area with dreams of throwing in the Moab trip a couple times a year. Leaning towards the Mount Vision just because I think it's supposed to be lighter (the top carbon model is sub 26 pounds) and it's more than enough for the trails I ride every day.

    Suspension designs are quite a bit different on the 2 bikes, where the Attack has a quad-link and the Mount Vision has a new and much simpler single-pivot design, so would be interesting to compare the bikes on back to back rides but I doubt I'll ever get that chance.

    I've seen people ride Moab with far less capable bikes, so I really think the Mount Vision will do the trick. Talked to the guys at Cottonwood Cyclery, nearest Marin dealer, and they're afraid they're going to have a hard time getting the Marin 27.5's in. What LBS are you looking at?

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    I think it's a win/win situation with these new bikes.

    They both have good builds for the price and are super versatile bikes. I think the main difference depends on if you want super lightweight or a better suspension design.

    Here is the difference between the 2 rear suspensions.
    2014 Attack Trail or Mount Vision?-marin-quad-vs-isotrack.jpg

    I have a quad link 2.0 bike and I can honestly say its the best suspension design I have had the chance to ride. 3.0 is quite a bit different, but I am not sure if its better.

    The Isotrac seems simple but I bet it works fine.

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    Thanks for the replies. I was unaware that Cottonwood was a Marin dealer. I'll have to go in and see what they think about the bikes. I thought REI was the only dealer and it's not as though they have super knowledgeable staff in any one area.

    Kind of leaning towards the Attack Trail with the idea of getting a hardtail(maybe the Rocky Ridge or a Transition TransAm) too for lighter duty endeavors.

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    I would vote quad-link. If I wanted an iso-track design, I would go back to old Gary Fisher sugar design. The iso looks like a link driven single pivot. Pivot placement is crucial, so the feel may be the same, but I love my quad link suspensions. Riding 3.0 now and it is better than 1.0 or 2.0 in my opinion.
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    Just found a review on the Attack trail XT8.

    here it is

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