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    2013 Marin XM7 VS 2013 Yeti SB66

    I can get a new 2013 Marin XM7 for $1100 in box without warranty due to second hand party or I can get the Yeti for $1750. I can't see to find any comparisons. Is the Yeti worth $1750 more than the Marin? I plan to mainly ride downhill and jumps and a little bit of cross country riding.

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    That is a fantastic deal on that XM7. The yeti is a great bike as well. Depends on how much you want to spend.

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    Ya both will get the job done. I think you gain maybe half an inch of travel in the rear on the yeti compared to the marin but as a prior quadlink owner i can attest to the great system marin has. the yeti might be slightly more slack up front.

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    Interesting comparison, as I've just got a deal on a SB-66 frame, but still undecided if I would build it up. I had a 2012 XM8, great bike and really underrated. Light and very stable going fast downhill thanks to its low BB height and long WB. For $1100 and the slightly updated 2013 frame, you can't go wrong. My only complaint about the XM7 is its chainstay length, a bit longer than I would like.

    That said, SB-66 has a stronger and heavier frame, 1/2" longer travel and can take a 160mm fork. It would make it a better AM rig than a XM7 would.

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    I don't know about the 2013 Mount Vision, but I have an 2011 XM8 (the last of the Quadlink II) which I really, really like. I have also ridden the SB66 and while it is a great bike, the Marin definitely holds it's own in comparison and like others said, it is a vastly underrated bike.

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    Maybe a bit too late, but below is my impression on my SMALL SB66 vs a MEDIUM Quad 3 MV (XM8 etc).

    With a wider bar (740 vs 711) 20mm rise, same stem (50mm Renthal Duo) and same seat post setback (20mm), the cockpit length of both bikes feel similar. I don't know the exact reach of the MV, but the MV feels a little bit longer. However, balance of the MV feels more on the front. I personally like the SB66 better because of the followings:

    SB66 Advantage:
    1. Burlier due to frame weight and construction.
    2. Slacker HA for descend
    3. More stable on big stuff
    4. More balance and stable in the air
    5. Brake doesn't squeal anymore (perhaps due to the post mount rear brake)
    6. Better rear suspension design (climbs as well if not better than my VPP2 Blur LT) than Quad 3 for climbing and out-of-saddle pedaling.

    MV Advantage:
    1. Light weight (mine was 28lb vs 32 lb)
    2. Climbing due to shorter fork travel, steeper HA and lighter weight. However, out-of-saddle pedaling is not as good. It needs help from rear shock
    3. Cost less

    For OP, have you bought you bike yet?

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