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    Lynskey Rear Thru Axle is Stuck in Frame

    The black lever unscrewed from the rod when I tried to remove the rear thru axle. It appears the lever is held onto the rod by the pressure of two small allen bolts. This seems like a poor design.

    The response from Lynskey is below. I don't know how a "thin nail or cotter pin" would lock the lever into place.

    Anyway, I will be looking for a new thru axle. I'm told that Lynskey redesigned the thru axle due to problems like this, yet Lynskey tells me they have never seen this issue before.

    "Sorry for the inconvenience with the axle. However this is a first issue like this that has been brought to my attention. There is an allen bolt that locks the lever into place and prevents it from un threading. If it has backed out you should be able to insert a thin nail or cotter pin to lock the lever into place. If it broke off inside a strong pair of vise grips might be the only option to remove. Our axles are not covered under any sort of warranty but if you would like to purchase another I will knock off $20 and sell it for $25 plus shipping.Lynskey Rear Thru Axle is Stuck in Frame-lynskey-thru-axle-unscrewed.jpg
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    That's a bummer. I don't think anything but frame/seatpost/stem/handlebars (anything made out of tubes) are actually made by them so this is just a rebranded part of unknown quality. Yeah, I'd just follow their instructions and get the thing unthreaded then get something better. I use a DT Swiss RWS 142 thru axle and have been happy with the quality.

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    I would use a pair of vice grips to remove the nut from the threaded Axle, but I'd order a replacement first. Incidentally the thread pitch and size were unavailable when I was looking so don't wait. And lynskey might help you out if you asked nicely.

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    channel locks .... duh ?

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    Lynskey's customer service is pretty impressively impotent. Great bikes, but crappy, disorganized service. If you can't "re-pin" it, I'd grab onto it (the axle, not the bolt) with a pair of pliers and turn it off. And then buy a new one.

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    Quote Originally Posted by rumblytumbly View Post
    I use a DT Swiss RWS 142 thru axle and have been happy with the quality.
    Lynskey hooked me up with a DT Swiss and also realigned the rear end. Runs sweet. Yeah, the DT Swiss is night & day over the other one that I had (shown in pic).
    **Merry Christmas**

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