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    Zoom to throw flashlight

    Anyone have this?

    I have a couple of these X2000 zoomable lights from DX. I like them a lot, but I hate when it comes time to switch batteries (messing around with 6 AAA's on the trail, having to take gloves off, etc. it sucks).

    So I want to switch to 18650 lights to make battery changing a lot easier. Plus my understanding is that the 18650 are usually brighter (when talking about X2000's).

    Well those MXDL's in my first link have Q5's as opposed to P4's. So I would think they'd be even brighter yet.

    Anyone have them? I'm wondering about brightness compared to my X2000's and run time.

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    [QUOTE=fightnut]Anyone have this?

    Looks like an interesting find. D/X does have an 18650 version of the P-4 though. They also have a similar torch to the Q-5 adjustable you linked to on China goods. This one here > http://www.dealextreme.com/details.dx/sku.29385
    I say go with the Q-5 from China Goods...good price, more battery options and better emitter. Dealing with 18650's is like SO better than triple A's. Since you want an adjustable focus, I don't know of another torch yet that uses a brighter emitter. Now when they make one of those adjustable focus with a P-7, SST-50 or XP-G R-5 I just might have to get me one of those.

    FWIW, I've bought from China Goods before and never had a problem...although most of the stuff now I get from D/X simply because most of time their prices are better. This seems to be one of those rare occasions where that is not true....Go For it!

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    Hey Cat,

    I just ordered 2 of the ones from QCG's. I'll be sure to post a comparison between them and the P-4 versions I have from DX.

    I know that I already like the P-4 version, so I think I'm going to be pretty happy with these new ones.

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    One of the new lights came today. Here's a quick review, with a few crappy pics.

    Some of the things I'll put in the review aren't things I necessarily care about since it's a bike light, but the hardcore flashlight guys might.

    First, it's a sharp looking torch. It's just slightly longer then the 3xAAA, P-4 models from DX.
    It included a wrist strap that is actually long enough to fit over a hand.
    It can tail stand. Has a nice tactical tail end (sharp points). The clicky switch feels good/solid.
    I had figured I'd have to fashion a shim so the skinnier 18650 battery wouldn't rattle, but it's not necessary. Once you screw the tail cap on, it's tight, no movement at all.

    The threads are impressively smooth and well lubricated. Nice o-rings at every connection.

    I will need to make the same mod I made on the P-4 lights to keep the sliding head from sliding too easily. This is done by simply adding an o-ring in place of the metal ring that is in there.

    The light will roll when laid on a table, unlike the P-4 which has some nice flat spots to keep it from rolling.

    But how does it perform? When I first stuck the 18650 battery in and clicked it on, I wasn't impressed! Actually I was quite disappointed. It was no brighter the the P-4 models.
    But then I realized it had 3 modes! (unlike the 1 mode P-4's). Duh!
    So yeah, this IS brighter then the P-4's. And it's a nice white light compared to the greenish light from the P-4 models (my pic doesn't do the difference justice at all, it looks much brighter/whiter in person).

    The size of the flood is a little smaller then the P-4 (see wall shot), but should be fine on the trail, especially since I plan to run 2 on the bars, with the Magicshine on my helmet.

    I'll do another update after I get to use them on the trail, and I'll be interested to see what actual run time is too.

    But so far, I definitely think these are a nice upgrade from the P-4's based on brightness and whiteness of light (and of course ease of battery change compared to my 3xAAA models).
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