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    Y-cable to run 2 batteries on one light?

    Does anyone make a y-cable that would let me run 2 magicshine battery packs in parallel on a single light to have extended run time? I've searched and just find the ones that allow 2 lights on one battery.

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    Well since there has yet a response to this post, I'll give you my best possible solution. I looked into this when the first MS 808 came into the market and wanted more than the 3hr runtime. I hve yet heard of any lights manufactor making OEM pigtails for this type of application. However when I was looking at possibility, I did noticed that the 2.1mm x 5.5mm was the same size as most power adapter used on security cameras. The variation is that those connector do not have the hood over the plug to seal out water.

    They do make Y power adapter for running two camera from single power supply. The polarity just happens to be the opposite configuration used in most bicycle lights. The only thing to watch out is that most power source for camera is rated about 1 to 1.5 amps, so beware that some pigtail gauge might be too small to handle the light draw current depending on how heavy duty is the pigtail. They do offer a 5 amp rated version but that split from one power source to feed four user. I have no guarantee these will work since I never order any or tried them but the connector size listed seems to be correct.

    12'' Y adapter (unknown amp rated)
    Power Splitter Y Adaptor - 12'' | 24-5355 (245355) | Distributed By MCM

    Four way 5 amp rated pigtail
    Four-way Power Splitter for Security Camera Installations | 82-13250 (8213250) | Distributed By MCM

    You may also try using the standard split cable or the light and use some adapter jacks and plug to reverse the connector on all three ends. Either way, if you do give these a try, let me know how they works out for you, I'm curious to know if they work. Otherwise, it will be the good old DIY process of cutting several OEM splitter and solder/shrinktube.

    BTW, if you do plug in two batteries in parallel, just be sure both packs are about the same state of charge or better yet, both are fully charge before connecting. You do not want the possibility of having one battery being drain high current charging the other discharge pack if they were unbalanced. Something bad like getting the wire warm or tripping the OV protection may happen......I think.

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