Hi All,
New to these forums but would really like a little bit of advice or recommendations. I am currently looking at getting a couple of flashlights for “lighting up” my local bridleways and forest tracks for a bit of mountain bike night riding.
Mainly looking at two XPG type flashlights for the handle bars and something for the helmet.

The XPG lights (x2, in case one decides to die while I am out riding) for the handlebars I am looking at are,
1. UniqueFire X8 Cree XP-G R5 5-Mode 230-Lumen Memory LED Flashlight (1*18650)
2. UniqueFire L2 Cree XPG-R5 5-Mode 320-Lumen LED Flashlight - Black (1*18650)
3. UltraFire WF-501B Cree XPE-WCR5 5-Mode 320-Lumen Memory LED Flashlight with Strap (1*18650/2*16340)
4. UltraFire WF-502B Cree XPE-WCR5 5-Mode 320-Lumen Memory LED Flashlight with Clip (1*18650/2*16340)

Would like to know if any of the above are any good, especially with regards to reliability OR if there are any better lights out there at this price range, i.e. under $25.

For the helmet, looking at the following,
1. Ultrafire C1 Q5-WC 230-Lumen LED Flashlight with Clip (2*CR123A/1*18650)
2. TrustFire TR-801 Cree Q5-WC 5-Mode Memory 230-Lumen LED Flashlight (1*18650)

Once again are any of the above any good with regards to reliability OR are there any better helmet lights for +- $15.

Any advice will be greatly appreciated.