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    Hope Xeccon Niguer 300

    Recently, I was able to get my hands on a Xeccon Niguer 300. Claimed to be 1100lumens, but I would say that this is by far the brightest bike light that I have owned; and I have been through a few.

    I absolutely love this small light. It can securely mount on handlebars, your helmet or your head. Installation is a breeze, no tools needed.
    The light has three modes, High power Beam, Low power beam, and a flashing mode.

    The beam is angle is perfect, wide enough for you to see what is around you which makes it a great trail riding light, and narrow enough for light to reach farther ahead which is good for fast trail sections and road biking.

    This may be a good light for the trails, but you wouldn't want to be at the receiving end. Believe me, it is as bright as being in front of a car. Fortunately, there is a low power beam making it less blinding whenever on well lit roads.

    This light screams for attention. Car drivers and pedestrians will certainly notice you, especially when in flashing mode.

    Since I received it about a month ago, I have used it for a total of 2 to 3 hours on rides. And until now, I have not recharged. The Samsung 5200mAh battery that came with the light seems to hold up its charge very well. The battery straps itself on the bike. And with the extension cable, you can strap it anywhere you like.

    When turned on, the light also illuminates a small indicator light and the power/mode select button. Which is very convenient so you can see the button even in the darkest trails.

    The light came with accessories: Handlebar mount, Helment mount, 2 O rings, Head strap, a Battery Pack, and extension cable and a Charger.

    Overall, I am very happy and recommend it to everyone.
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