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    Xeccon 1210, 1207 or 900 for a bar light?

    I'm trying to equip my wife and I with lighting on a budget and the xeccon seems to hit a sweet spot for price and quality. I'm interested in those that have some experience with either of these lights. They will be paired with a helmet light. The pricing I've found is $79, $109, $159 respectively and I'm wondering if it's really the extra cash to keep going up. We ride in Alabama on fairly tight wooded single track. We will both be running a helmet light in conjunction with the bar light.

    Thanks in advance
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    I just picked up a 1210 off of Amazon last week for $79. I've used it once so far and i throws a lot of light. I'm running it as a bar light with a Dinotte XML-3 on my helmet. I've had the Dinotte for a couple of years, I just found that I need both a bar light & helmet light to get a good view of what's coming up. I'd say the 1210 throws just about the same amount of light as my Dinotte XML3. Love the Dinotte, but given I paid over $200 for it, I'd say the 1210 is a super bargain. We'll see though if it it last as long and is as trouble free as the Dinotte.

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    I might be able to help here. I've had a Spiker 1210 for about a year and am very happy with it. Use it as a head lamp. I think I paid $119 for it but now can be had for $79 shipped and I think it's the best bargain out there. In fact I just bought a second one for my wife.

    I also just purchased a Sogn 700 as a bar light to complement it. This will replace a pair of older MS lights that I ran on the bar. When compared to the 1210, the Sogn is immensely brighter not only in how far it will throw the light but the width of the beam. It is a whiter light.

    First night ride with it will be Thursday. I'm hoping for a bright ride.
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