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    What's your light ownership history?

    As with ex-girlfriends, I'm sure we all have a history of ex-lights. Here's mine:

    Cateye (powered by 2 "C" batteries, circa 1990)
    Turbocat upgrade kit for the Cateye
    Nightsun Team Issue
    Niterider Classic (It wasn't called the "Classic" at that time)
    Light & Motion ARC
    Jet Lites X-51
    Gloworm X2

    How about you?

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    Vista Lite circa 1995. 2x10w 1x15w.
    2x Magicshine 808 P7s circa 2012.
    Geologist by trade...bicycle mechanic (former) by the grace of God!

    2018 Niner RKT 9 RDO - enduro AF

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    2 sets of NR halogens
    2 sets NR digital halogens
    5 DIY designs

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    flashlight duct taped to bars
    Exposure (early model)
    Light & Motion HID
    Lupine Wilma
    Lupine Wilma - double
    DIY - the best of all of them

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    Jet Halogen helmet mounted
    PondScum DIY bar mounted
    Various versions of my Amoeba lights (currently running 4x XM-L w/LFlex driver version on the bar and 2x XP-G w/FLex version on the helmet)


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    Cateye Hyper Halogen 1500 (4xAA) 1996
    Petzl Halogen headlamp (zoomable)
    MagicShine 808 Clone
    MagicShine 880 Clone (on the way)

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    1993? - Unknown mining light with HUGE & HEAVY battery (about 1/4 the size of a car battery). This was for a pedicycle (10 speed with a 2-cycle engine mounted over the rear wheel).
    2012 - Two Niterider Lumina 650's.
    2013 - KD 880 clone, KD tri clone, Xeccon Geinea rear light.
    2014 - Probably something lighter & brighter.
    2015 - You don't even want to know!

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    Vistalite 2x 10w in 93ish
    NiteSun Team in 95ish
    prototype HID in 99
    NiteRider Canibal in 2004ish
    Magicshine in 2009ish
    3x clone in 2012
    Hi-Max single in 2012
    SSx2 in 2013

    oddly...the lights keep getting better and the prices dropped like a rock on the last 4

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    2x MS 808 P7's
    2012 Gemini Olympia and Xera
    2x 2013 Olympias and a Gloworm X2V3

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    What's your light ownership history?

    Quote Originally Posted by stu06 View Post
    As with ex-girlfriends, I'm sure we all have a history of ex-lights. Here's mine:

    Cateye (powered by 2 "C" batteries, circa 1990)
    Turbocat upgrade kit for the Cateye
    Nightsun Team Issue
    Niterider Classic (It wasn't called the "Classic" at that time)
    Light & Motion ARC
    Jet Lites X-51
    Gloworm X2

    How about you?
    Too many to keep track of. Been a light junky since 1985 when I started doing weekly (at least) night rides. Always combined bar and helmet lights.
    Lots of home-built/modified halogen systems (Union based) until the commercial lights went past 15w.
    Then several different Nightrider and Jet (my favorite) halogen systems.
    A couple of failed HIDs (the Jet was better light, too).
    Now all LED in various forms. Some of the early "powerful" LEDs were worthless.
    The trouble with common sense is it is no longer common

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    Past: incandescent and eventually LED lights rigged to handlebars.

    I ride with one helmet mounted light, red blinky on my seat post and illuminated band around my saddle bag on weekly urban assault rides and lots of night rides on trails.

    2010 Cygolite TridenX 600 (helmet mounted and the only light I brought on rides until very recently).

    2013 NiteRider MiNewt cordless 500 started using it for shorter rides and keep in my gear bag as a spare.

    The TridenX is awesome... works like a champ, nice wide triple beam that throws out plenty of light for me on the two lowest brightness settings. Battery can be partial charged and lasts a longggg time.

    MiNewt is also stellar for a single beam light. I think they changed the tint on the 6?0/7?? models (not to my liking). I typically run this one on the lower two brightness settings and boost it when needed. My only beef is that it will not partial charge... once it runs down you have to keep it charging for ~4 hours until the indicator turns green or else it won't turn on.

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    old old cyclops with halogen bulb (1987) - long gone
    some niterider halogen - in parts now, used for projects
    niterider HID - gave away
    niterider trinewt - batt dead, head sits around gathering dust
    niterider minewt - good 150lumen system, don't use, might give away
    shadow bl21 - current -800 lumen
    yinding 2xml - current - 1000 lumen
    zebralight h600w - current 700-400 lumen
    zebralight h600w mark II - current 1090-550 lumen
    fenix e11 backup - current

    dinotte 140L
    niteflux rz4 carbon tube style
    PB superflash
    niterider stinger
    some other niterider blinky
    some old strobe thing (works but tube is weak)

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    NiteFlux Enduro 8 single, 12 single
    Triden-X Extra- 600 lumen
    MS-808 P-7
    Gemini, Titan P-7, Xera, Duo
    Lupine, Piko xpg/xm-l, Wilma, Wilma TL, Betty2-7, Betty-R's
    4-Sevens Quark AAA, Mini XM-L as back up.

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    Started in the early '90s with a pair of Specialized quick release incandescent units - one took 4 AA's, and the other took 4 C's. AA unit was useless, C unit too heavy/fragile for offroad.

    Then went NiteRider incandescent. Got 2 single lamp head units, swapped 10W bulbs for one 15W spot, one 15W flood. Got a PWM voltage regulator and a bigger battery to run the flood at 20W.

    Tried LED - the first version of the Cateye EL500. Not bad, but not bright enough for offroad. Didn't replace the NiteRiders, but took over from the 4C Specialized for short pavement runs (to mailbox, etc)

    Cateye Doubleshot and Tripleshot. These took the place of the NiteRiders. Got a 2nd Tripleshot when a buddy went HID, retired the Doubleshot. Swapped out emitters for P4's, then added a 1A driver for the helmet light.
    This isn't a "you're doing it wrong" topic.

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    Niterider classic with bottle cage battery - 2005 (gave away)
    Niterider Moab - 2006 (gave away)
    Niterider Lumina 250 - 2011 (gave away)
    Magicshine 808 - 2011 (sold - only did 2 rides with this)
    Magicshine MJ-856b - 2011 (GF's now)
    Niterider Lumina 650 - 2012 (use as flashlight at night in the yard or camping)
    Gemini Olympia 1800 (sold immediatly after I saw the X2 beam pattern)
    Gloworm X2 v2 - 2013 (current helmet light)
    Taz 1200 - 2013 (just arrived today!!! - for handlebar only)

    Considering upgrade to GW X2 v3 or XS v1 for the helmet or just adding it to my collection. Maybe I keept the X2 v2 as dedicated spot for road riding and the X2 v3 or XS for trail riding.

    I also like the Dinotte XML-3 but it's medium setting is a bit to low for my liking (prefer 900 to 1200 lumens depending on width of trail I'm riding).

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    Nightrider with bottle cage battery (1990 something)
    Dinotte 200
    Dinotte 600
    Dinotte 1200 (really 800)
    Dinotte 400
    Lupine Wilma 1500
    Lupine Piko 750
    Lupine Wilma 2400

    Tail lights
    Various blinks
    Dinotte 140R
    Dinotte 400R
    Dinotte 300R

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    Gemini Duo x2
    Gemini Olympia x2
    3xml clone

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    What's your light ownership history?

    Nightsun Team (mid 90s)
    Vista lite 30w & 15w (late 90s through to mid 00s)
    Then I got onto LEDs

    Cygolite MityCross 350
    Cygolite MityCross 480 OSP
    Cygolite TridenX 1100 OSP Xtra

    And hoping to get for Xmas a Cygolite MityCross 800 to balance with the TridenX.

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    Smart 10W + 2W, then another set of those circa 1998 (played with 2 x 10W and LED drop ins), I was mr uber lights among my friends.
    Generic HID circa 2005
    Cateye double and triple shot circa 2006 (modded several times with various LEDS, currently the triple has Warm white xmls in it, batteries in the bin but regulator still used but on a lipo)
    Various naked DIY setups that never got housed
    Zebra light SC 600 and HX 600 torches used with twofish mounts plus probably a fenix thrown in.
    Just recently a easy2LED 35mm setup with mtg2 inside using the cateye mounts.
    and another 35mm housing polus 25mm easy2leds housing ready for me to stop procrastinating and build

    Probably spent more time fiddling with lights than night riding
    What exactly is a rigid hard tail?

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    Trek/cateye bar mount with 2 "c" cells circa 1993
    Nitesun Team halogen 95-96ish
    Years off the bike
    Magicshine 808 and 1400
    Magicshine 872
    Gemini titan and olympia
    Glowworm x2
    Crappy MS knockoff that I run on strobe and mj 828 for crazy rear visibility

    I still use all of them from time to time. Usually a titan and olympia on the bars, x2 on helmet

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    *Nightrider Digital Classic (Sold)
    *Nightrider Digital Pro 12 (Lasted for years until it turned on inside a box while moving and melted)
    *A couple of Cateye commuter lights (mostly for getting around town some light trail ridng)
    *Exposure Maxx D mk1 and Joystick Mk2
    *Blackburn Flea and Planet bike Superflash rear lights
    *Upgraded helmet light to Exposure Diablo MK2
    *Upgraded Bar Light to Exposure Reflex MK2
    *Upgraded rear light to Exposure Blaze

    I currently run the Reflex Mk2 on the Bar as my primary light, with my Diablo mounted to the Helmet and the Blaze out back.

    I have also repurposed my Joystick as a "stealth light" mounting it to the bars angled slightly downward so that I can see where I am going but not draw the attention of Rangers

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    i had few one with very basic 20 dollar models

    then a led torch strapped to helmet

    a few cheaper model cateye models werent much brighter than torch

    then spent a few more dollars got exposure maxx d it def wasnt good exp would turn off overheat and was exp for what it was. took it backt

    serfas 1000 it awesome, people always going is that motor bike oh hang on know it me on pushbike going to work

    the lights are bright and last at four to five hours on different modes

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    Vista lites 10w with add'l 15 watt incandescent
    Niterider Trail Rat 15 watt incandescent
    Niterider Classic 12/20 watt combo w/ bottle battery
    Niterider HID w/ bottle batt
    Magic shine 808
    Cygolite Mity 350
    Magic shine 818
    Niterider Lumina 700

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    I have a 2011 Exposure Toro and a 2011 Exposure Diablo. Love em both.
    I like turtles

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    I started typing them out here then accidentally erased what I typed so I am gonna just post a link to pics of my lights. Besides what I have in the pics, I also have an original magicshine and a second Glowworm X2.


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    Raleigh bottle generator + light, circa 1970s, wearing out tire sidewalls and/or blowing bulbs while racing down Clarendon Street in San Francisco

    A succession of battery lights

    Light & Motion ARC HID, bright as hell but the scattered light washed out trail details

    Light & Motion Vega rechargeable commuter light, good output but battery capacity diminished quickly meaning too much time riding with the low charge indicator blinking

    Schmidt New Son 28 dyno hub + Supernova E3 Pro LED light on Eriksen titanium roadbike, it opened a new world

    Schimdt New Son 28 disc hub + Supernova E3 Pro 2 on Spicer titanium mountain cruiser commuter, "the Eveready"

    Supernova dyno tail lights added to both systems above

    Serfas TL-HLMT light zip-tied into the rearmost vent of an XL Giro Aeon helmet (the fit is so perfect it looks factory installed)

    A miscellaneous collection of rubberized blinky blinkies from Knog and Niterider

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    Nightrider classic w waterbottle battery
    Nightrider HID x2
    Magicshine 808 x2
    Lupine Betty x2 (currently)

    Lupine Betty R x2 (future)
    I think in the current market Lupine is the way to go. With my experience over the years with these lights, you get what you pay for.

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    Niterider Trail Rat 10W
    Niterider Enduro HID
    Serfas TSL-1500
    Serfas True 750

    Huge fan of the Serfas lights. Well-engineered and are true to specs. I run the 1500 on my helmet and the 750 I got this fall on the bars. May add another 750 next year for the bars since it works so well. Love the self-contained setup - no cords. The 1500 is killer bright.


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