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    What light for 1 1/4 inch bars?

    My bars are 1 1/4" at the stem. They taper down to 7/8 inch toward the grips but they also bend back so a light out there would point into the ditch.

    Is there a clamp that will fit 1 1/2" bars? Am I stuck with the rubber strap mounts?

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    Most clamps have shims so they work for both bar sizes. Some lights have multiple mounting options. It depends on your light. You might be able to use this Action-LED-Lights ? Quick Release Mount for Gemini Lights

    Some people make DIY mounts because they don't like the rubber bands. I think the rubber bands work well esp when used with friction tape.

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    Thanks. I just ordered an MT-201 mount from Action LED Lights so I can use a normal light. Great solution.

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