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    Wanted: L&M Arc HID lights

    Please PM me if you have used/working ones or batteries you would like to sell.

    Thanks. Joe

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    For some reason I can't PM so please email me at jkidd143atgmaildotcom.

    Thanks. Joe

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    Hi, I know a few people who had these but they got rid of them before they needed new bulbs. They were under the impression that the bulbs weren't available anymore?
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    HID Still an Option... but Fading Fast

    MR-11 HID components are still used in many other industries... so, of course parts are still around. You just don't see them in brick and mortar or online bike stores anymore now that LED has become the defacto standard for high performance bike lighting.

    But for somebody that currently has an HID system and doesn't want to spend the money to upgrade to LED right now... 500+ lumens for 10W of power isn't a bad thing at all.

    Replacement parts aren't cheap, but they are around. You can get everything you need at Batteryspace with only a little work required (splicing the NiteRider connectors to a new battery pack) to keep an HID system going. But to repeat, won't be a cheap option for replacement parts.

    The OP probably has the right idea to look for people ditching their old systems and to cannabalize the parts for his own use.

    But if this doesn't work, try Batteryspace:


    Welch Allyn HID light repalcement Bulb: 10-13W MR11 for Trail-Tech


    Ballast for Replacement of Trail-Tech13W MR11 Eclipse HID Light

    REPLACEMENT BATTERY PACKS (splice in the NiteRider connector)

    Customize NiMH Battery: 13.2v 4000mAh SANYO (11x4/3A) (CU-MM142 PID# 5333)

    On the other hand, you can buy their Eclipse HID system outright and get an upgrade to LiOn battery instead of NiteRider NiMH... but if you're going to spend that amount of money it would probably be better to switch to LED!

    Eclipse 10W HID Bike Light + 11.1V 4.4Ah ( 48.84 wh) Li-Ion Battery + Smart Charger + Helment /Bar Mount

    P.S. Eventhough it's been a while since I made the switch to LED, I hung on to my 2 Marwi NightPro Extreme HID systems as loaners... but it's probably time to get rid of them (and my old Turbo Cat Halogen systems) since I have switched to LED 100% now.

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    I've got (2) 11.1v 6 cell Li-Ion Light & Motion batteries from ARC light kits, each will power an ARC on high for over 3 hours. $80 each + actual ship.
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