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    which type of light is best

    So i have ridden with all different types of lights except for a HID. I currently use a 15 watt halogen spot (night rider head trip) and a buddy uses a tri newt. Last night I finally saw a MS900 in person. So far for brightness and cost the head trip is tops. I am now looking for something better and brighter.

    Is the light from a HID better than the light from LED's? Cost is not really an issue because the two i am looking at are about the same price, nor is burn time as most of my rides are about 2 hours long.

    for the record, I am looking at the L&M Seca 900 ultra and the Nite Rider slickrock

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    I don't have many insights into HID vs LED but I have noticed it is very difficult to find HID bike lights anymore.

    Of those two lights, I'd take a look at the weights. My guess is the head unit is lighter on the Night Rider, but the battery is probably a fair amount more because it is NiMH.

    I did notice the Seca has a measured output of 900+ lumens, where some lights do not live up to their advertised outputs, sometimes by a large factor.

    Also check the cost of spare/replacement batteries.


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    The HID's are on there way out.New LED lighting is way brighter now than HID, and way more durable in an endo.Some replacement bulbs costing $100 For HID.Not familiar with the slickrock,but the Seca 900,other than the NiteRider 1200pro probably has the best beam pattern for handle bar mount.If Trailed comes out with a third led/optic set up of there Darkstar,that would probably be the only thing that would sway me away from a Seca handle bar set up.I just upgraded my helmet light to a Lupine Cree Wilma and now face the delema of a handle bar light bright enough to match,as it now washes out my Triden X at only 30% power.Fracois measured the Seca at 95 lux,and the Cree Wilma at 103lux which should be a decent match.The Wilma was less money than the Seca as well.Another helmet light option, i would recomend the Trailed Darkstar.Other than a better helmet mount needed, which may already be available,i have read doesn's of testamonials and every one was very positive,(every one!!)

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