Trying to optimize battery life?-
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    Trying to optimize battery life?

    I may not be a frequenter of this particular corner of MTBR, but I'm 100% sure "What light do I buy?" threads get old here.

    So, I am hoping someone who knows much more than I do has a quick, easy answer for me.

    I'm looking for a USB handlebar light for bikepacking:

    -Moderate light for slow/medium speeds (I run SS so I'm not going that fast). ~350-500 lumens (guessing).

    -Very efficient battery life. Looking for a few days without a charge at a time.

    -USB rechargeable (will recharge at outlets on the road)

    -VERY Weatherproof. Cold-proof would also be nice.

    -Good Value ($50-100)

    I have seen some people buy a cheaper light head and match it to a really good battery; I would love to do that if someone can provide a bit of guidance.

    Who's running my perfect system?

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    Ok have 100 ?s on this cause you left out a list of details. But biggest one, how much time is spent riding after dark?

    Also your perfect set up wont ever exist, what's needed will take insanely long to USB recharge. But a compromise can be had with more info.

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    Seeing as the OP hasn't chimed in on your request tigris99 for more info, all I'm willing to suggest at this time is,,,, if there is a 110 power outlet, or even a working car outlet I would skip the USB charging all together and get a light that will allow you to swap out 18650 cells. Get an appropriate charger and a couple extra 18650 cells and you should be good to go. I use the Xtar VP-4 Multi function charger. It will do up to four battery's at a time in just a few hours. this should give you all the run time you need between charges.
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    Well my "solution" was going to be a solar panel that is specced just for USB charging. Would charge a light back up during the day but would require one that had enough run time to cover his night riding duration. Lightest weight and easiest solution IMHO. But that's dependant on his needs.

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