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    Time for a new light, totally lost...

    My POS Niterider minewt stopped working last weekend, again. I'm ready for something else (ie, better)

    I've been doing a lot of research this last week, and I feel like Im just getting overwhelmed, led vs hid, nimh vs li-ion, etc, maybe someone can point me in the right direction.

    I'm not at all opposed to some of the smaller companies, geoman stuff, amoeba, etc, but I can get deals on Cat eye, Hope, Cygolite, and (shudder) Niterider

    Looking for:

    RELIABLE Had a couple issues with my niterider, and it sucks being stuck in the dark
    Under $300
    Bar mount
    Brighter than my Niterider Minewt
    fairly compact. Stem mount battery = ideal
    I only need 3-4 hours run times MAX. 90% of my night rides are 1-2 hours
    plug in and forget charger

    Thank you for your time, and any info

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    if you want something not done in mass production, look for zen bicycle (I have seen his lights in person and are animals) or Amoeba.

    Other than that, go DIY if you have the time/skills/will

    There are good deals on HIDs now but I would say skip those since the ballas or the bulb are more than 100$ to repair.... Li-ion if you care about weight

    Look at the mtbr test to see prices
    For Zen lights check http://trailled.blogspot.com/

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    Seriously, go get a Magicshine from Geoman (in fact, you could get about 3.5 ;-) of them for ~$300...). Currently there is no better deal price/performance-wise. And it's considerably brighter than your ex-Minewt...
    Forget HID, forget NiMh...those are the past now.

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    Is the Magicshine bright enough and throw the light far enough ahead to maintain a FAST speed???

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    Hand made in Colorado and down right awesome. Small, light and 200 bucks. Find him on the Front Range Colorado forum and he'll do you right. They weigh nothing and blow the minewt away.

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    Quote Originally Posted by 56cbr600rr
    Is the Magicshine bright enough and throw the light far enough ahead to maintain a FAST speed???
    Short answer is yes.
    Unless when you say FAST you are going faster than the speed of light and then my answer would be no.

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    Several options out there. Definitely go LED, and Li-Ion.

    There are some cheapo lights out there, may work for you, may not, depends on what’s important to you. I kinda feel ya get what you pay for in the long run. I've found most lights to be hot running and poor performing (if you hold them to what the manufacturer stated Lumens are). Compared to your "POS", maybe not too shabby though.

    I can relate to the indecision you're feeling, good luck!

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