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    Thinking about another Lupine...

    I currently have a Lupine Piko 3 with upgraded LEDs.
    I have been using this on my helmet and for the most part its the only light I need. Occasionally, I do need/use a second bar mounted light; I've been using a Baja Designs Strykr II and the combo works pretty well on my home trails.

    This year I will be doing some out of town 12/24 hour races where I would like to maximize the light I have available, so I have been thinking about upgrading from the Strykr to another Lupine.

    Any opinions on having 2 Pikos (helmet & bars) vs a Piko on the helmet and a Wilma 7 on the bars. The Piko is already more light than the Strykr, so that may be enough power? Hows the beam pattern compared to the Strykr or Wilma?

    Thanks for any comments.
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    If your happy with the output of your Piko I would just get a second one. A Piko 7 if I remember correctly will give you over four hours of run time on the highest setting and would last all night at reduced output. Two reasons I'm suggesting that over the Wilma is I think the beam of your Piko will get lost in the 2800 lumen Wilma beam and only be useful looking to the sides which I guess would still work,,,, and second the Wilma's beam is fairly narrow for so much output and I think may not be worth the extra investment if your already happy with the output of the Piko. If you find your out riding your Piko's output, then i'll flip my opinion and recommend the Wilma. Cheers!!

    As you probably already noticed the beam of the Piko is a smoother beam than the reflector type on the Stryker2 which is more of a narrow spot surrounded by a much dimmer spill of light sometimes known as a donut. For me that's why I prefer optics over reflector type lamp heads at least in my experience. I'd say based only on beam shots I've seen that the Wilma's beam is a more intense version of the Piko. I have the Betty-R and it is a wider version of the Wilma.

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