• 09-09-2011
    Thanks All ! Night Riding is Awesome !
    :D I was lurking on here a bit to figure out whats what and now have had, for 2 weeks, my 2011 Exposure Toro that I got from CRC for just under $300 .. let me tell y'all THANKS for opening my eyes to what modern lights can do and making clear how to take care of'em !

    I used to squeeze in a ride after work with my little front light pretty much just for visibility. I have time now to eat and digest a good meal and then pump hard for a solid two hours on the trails. It is honestly a new and fantastic experience chasing the jack rabbits, deer and coyotes around in the dark while they look at me like WTF!

    Anyway gonna eat this food, pull my light out of the bag in the fridge and hit it, been trying to find a puma to bark at :eek: !

    Best Wishes All, THANKS