Solarstorm low power problem-
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    Solarstorm low power problem

    I've been using a cheapy solarstorm ebay light for a few months, and had no problems.

    It now appears to have turned itself into some kind of low battery power mode. I've noticed before that after a couple of hours on full, it will automatically switch to this mode, so that, I assume, you can still be seen, but not actually see by the light.

    All of my batteries are good, and provide power for other lights.

    Does anyone know of a way to get my solarstorm working properly again?

    Pictures attached.



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    Given that both leds are going dim at the same time, my guess is that one of the components on the driver is overheating, most likely the sense resistor. You would have to open it up to look for the signs - predominately yellowing or blackening.

    If you have a soldering iron and some basic skills, it is easy enough to replace the driver, eg from kaidomain

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    Bruce, driver from Kaidomain won't fit. The one from LightMall fits for shure. It is just how the leds on the PCB are set - in series or in paralell.

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