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    SlickRock or Pro 1200LED?

    I know HID is old technology but I've had one for so long and loved it, except run times were short. I've been also leaning towards a Magicshine. Does the slickrock have a similar light output as the MS? Is the Pro 1200 LED brighter than the Slickrock?

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    I used a Dual Nitrider HID setup before I switched over to LED lights. HID was great, but my LED lights are so much better and I don't miss the HIDs one bit. With the HID it took about 10 seconds for the light to ramp up to full power and when I went on rough trails I would get some flickering. Not to mention I broke a bulb on one of the two HID lightheads that I owned. I never replaced the broken bulb b/c it is so expensive and I decided to go to LED lights which is the best decision I ever made. The current crop of LED lights can easily outperform that Slickrock 900 in light output, beam pattern, light color, durability, lighter weight, dimming options and so on. The NR Pro 1200 looks to have a great beam from what I have seen on the lights shootout on this site. The NR pro 1200 also allows you to make some adjustments to the dimming settings so you can choose what works for you best with their software.

    I use 2 Lupine LED lights that combined are getting close to 3,000 lumens which is plenty for any type of riding. I also bought a Macishine 900 that I let my best friend use whenever he wants. The Magicshine 900 is a bit brighter than one of my old NR HID lights, but I am sure you would have to go with either 2 of the MS 900s or one Magicshine 1400 to get above 900 lumens of output. For the price of the Magicshine lights they are definitely hard to beat, but of course they aren't near the quality of Lupine or even Niterider lights from my experience. I suggest you forget about the HID bike lights as their time has long since passed, and buy and enjoy a new LED light whether it be the NR 1200 pro or Magicshine or whatever.

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    I love my Pro1200. The only thing I don't like about it is the battery weight, but hey - it's 8 cells in there. I could always get a smaller battery I guess.

    I can ride as long as I want with the light, and rarely run it full blast. It's usually at the 400 or 600 lumen level. I run it with either a Dinotte 400L or Mitycross 350 on the helmet, and while the LED tints don't match, I've gotten used to it. I tried a 1200 on the helmet - the weight didn't bother me but I couldn't stand how high up it sits.

    I'd go Pro1200 over Slickrock. I'd also get a Trinewt or Magicshine over the Slickrock.

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