Just to make things clear for anyone who is not aware. MTBR has some Guidelines for anyone who works for a Company or sells products for a company and how they identify themselves and post on this and the other sections of MTBR.

All Guidelines found here, scroll to the bottom for the Manufacturer/Retailer Posting Guidelines:
Mtbr Posting Guidelines

For those who do not want to click the link, I have brought the info over here:
-All Manufacturers / Vendors / Shop Owners / Sponsored Riders should declare their status as a Retailer / Manufacturer in their signature

-Online selling of parts, components or bikes is not allowed.

-Any one reviewing or testing products and / or components online must state whether they have a vested interest in the product up front. They should state whether they bought the product or they got the product free or with an industry deal or are prohibited from saying negative things about a product.

-All links in a signature for articles for sale should be removed before posting. No "under the signature" shilling or free advertising allowed.
However, if you own or work for a bike shop, you MAY put a link to your shops website main page to show your affiliation. If you work for a bike company, you may put a link to your website identifying who you are. You may not use this link to sell or promote specific products or sales, it is allowed just for identification purposes.

-Manufacturers and Industry folks are encouraged to respond to any questions directed about their product. This is the perfect opportunity to inform and 'set the record straight.'

-Bottom line: Participate and post content in mtbr. Don't use mtbr to get free money for your business. Sponsoring mtbr assures our survival and is very affordable. Contact [email protected] and [email protected] for more info.
There is no such thing as "posting as an individual" separately from your company, if you work for a Manufacturer or resell product you MUST identify yourself as such.

Thank you for your understanding.